Fashion stylist and consultant, Shannon Schroeder has gained renown in the industry for her refined and glamourous sensibilities, as well as the iconic images she creates in collaboration with some of the most esteemed artists.


Shannon began her career in 2001 working as a make-up artist. Her beauty career has led to many wonderful opportunities in internships in California, director of marketing and brand development for beauty lines and received accolades in Aveda and Dermalogica certifications. Her experience led her to Saks Fifth Avenue where she worked for Laura Mercier cosmetics. Continuing her career at Saks for three years, she developed her reputation as a well-known fashion and beauty connoisseur.


Following her 10 year career as being one of the most sought after beauty professionals, she embarked on what would be a career and life-changing move to start her own business combining fashion and beauty.


Predominantly known as a high-profile stylist, Shannon has successfully transitioned to the world of freelance styling, where her work has appeared in magazines, television, fashion blogs, fashion shows and company websites. In this role, Shannon conceptualizes ideas, styles, and oversees the production of her shoots.


Shannon does what she does to inspire beauty in everyone. As a wife, a mother and career woman, she believes you really can have it all.